Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class: 170 Lifting The head Diagonally 3-18-2016


A lesson done  lying on your back. This lesson will help you feel contralateral movement in your body, improving the power, grace and joy in walking. As we age many of us get shorter, this lesson will help you learn how to activate and lengthen the core muscles of your spine, allowing you to get taller with each step you take, creating the ability to not  shrink as you age.  If you have any back pain, including sciatica this lesson can be very beneficial, as it will create space between each veterbra of the spine and relieve compression in the lower back and neck. The end of this lesson includes a partner exercise. If you do the lesson with a friend please try the partner experience, it can really help you find additional length and connection in the spine. If you do the lesson by yourself just skip the partner exercise and return to it later. Enjoy.