Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class: 93 Softening The Hip Joints To Side Sitting 3/12/16


A lesson done  lying on your back, in sitting and on all fours. This lesson will improve your ability to squat, to sit, to stand and to walk. Your breathing will become easier and fuller. Through increasing the range of motion in your hip joints, ankles, knees and spine you will find you move with greater ease and elegance.  The carriage of your head will improve as well as your ability to turn from side to side. If you have any back or hip or knee pain this lesson will teach you new patterns of movement to free yourself of these pains. For athletes and yoga practitioners you will find a great improvement in your overall flexibility and  balance through practicing this lesson. This is a wonderful lesson to help yoga students learn Virasana, Hero’s Pose, Supta Virasana, Bhujangasana Cobra  pose, as well as  Pincha Mayurasana, forearm balance.