Surya Yantrasana, sun dial pose can help us dial the sun into our spirit, mind and body no matter the weather outside. My student Hiroko who turned 76 this September, really wanted to learn Surya Yantrasana. She did not know that what she wanted to learn was called sun dial, she had saved a photo of me in Surya Yantrasana and said she found this form to be so beautiful and she wanted to learn how to do it. I smiled knowing that she embodied all the virtues of a great student and that I could easily help her learn this asana in a safe and joyful way. What makes this story even more special to me is that a mutual friend gifted Hiroko a private lesson with me for her birthday. Hiroko was so excited for her private, she loves learning like few people I have ever met.

As a teacher of Yoga I honor the great lineages and forms of yoga, while personally embracing the experience that any form we choose to embody, should be one that celebrates, respects and honors the uniqueness of our individual bodies. Each student is gloriously different. With this understanding, I continue to study and evolve my teaching, integrating the knowledge of the ancients with the most modern bio mechanics and neuroscience.

The art of teaching Yoga is so much about the relationship of the student and the teacher. When we take the time to really get to know our students we are more able to serve their individual needs. As a teacher I feel completely humbled and full of gratitude for Hiroko’s studentship. She inspires me to be my best and really honor the “seat of the teacher”, her devotion to the practice increases my light…..literally dialing in the Sun.