What is it and why  and how do we do it?

Open to Life Yoga is the art and science of attuning to spirit, so that all beings my find  enduring happiness.
It is  a Daily PRACTICE!
Open to Life Yoga is a synthesis of ancient and modern awareness and strengthening Methods. We Integrate artistic Forms of Breathing, meditation, somatic studies, hatha yoga, therapeutic functional movement, moral imagination, emotional intelligence,dance,sports/athletics,nutrition,literature, and music to create a daily practice that will offer you  the tools you need to
Live fully, Love Deeply and Play Passionately.

“I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.”

William Blake

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”
– Albert Einstein

As we  begin to Soften our habitual ways of reacting in the world, a cool thing happens and we just naturally find ourselves Open to new Possibilities and this is enjoyable, pleasurable, FUN!  When we are truly happy we gravitate towards behaviors that are life sustaining and enhancing. We find ourselves Balanced, centered,  smiling, even in the face of  Life’s Challenges and adversity. Open to Life Yoga is a practice that honors the shadow sides of life, and understands how much suffering there is in the world, it is not a practice of denying or turning away from the realities of life hardships, but a method where we can learn to hold the light, and deepen our compassion for others suffering, even if it is just a small tiny flicker of remembrance of love, it is that awareness and recognition of the beauty of life, that can see us through the darkest hours. How do we learn to do this? How do we learn to maintain the changes that are life enhancing and let go of the old paradigms, dogmas,  patterns that bind us and keep us from truly experiencing Freedom?  It is as simple as waking up each day and asking ourselves, what kind of Miracle is present in  my life today? and what kind of magic/ miracle can I co-create today?

Practice  waking up each morning,  observing your breath, as if it is the very first breath you have taken, get curious about your own amazing embodiment.  When we allow ourselves the freedom to change, to grow, to embrace an unencumbered imagination of life’s fullest potential, breath to breath, we begin to Love Life and understand and accept its temporal nature.   Learning to experience absolute sustainable love  in our day to day relative lives is the Path of Open to Life Yoga. Breath to breath, slowly, slowly, one small step at a time we all may choose to open, to surrender,to receive the gift of Life.

Learning  to soften and stretch our boundaries to greet  the very source of Life itself we become co- creators of new and ever evolving traditions, m paradigms, that honor  Life’s Potential.

Open to Life Yoga is an invitation to wake up each day with beginners mind, while honoring the past, enjoying the present and being responsible for the future. All are WELCOME, ALOHA!

“Come again, please, come again,
Whoever you are.
Religious, infidel, heretic or pagan.
Even if you promised a hundred times
And a hundred times you broke your promise,
This door is not the door Of hopelessness and frustration.
This door is open for everybody.
Come, come as you are.”    – Rumi