About us

“But already my desire and my will were being turned like a wheel, all at one speed, by the Love which moves the sun and the other stars.” Dante The Divine Comedy

“Skeeter is an enigmatic mystagogue, a scholar, a white sorceress, and an embodiment of her teachings. Skeeter is at all times in command of her material. Deeply knowledgeable and keenly intelligent, she imparts her teachings with a fluency that is never forced and always animated by a lively sense of humor. Erudite, articulate, and poised, she is neither pedant nor pedagogue, but rather engages her students with an obvious commitment to her practice. She creates a learning environment that is warm and supportive as she encourages students at every level to achieve their full potential. On a personal note I will add that Skeeter is intrepid in the ocean and one of the few people that I trust in the water. She is also an accomplished poet. You could happily study with this woman for a lifetime. She is both Muse and poet. Skeeter is a person that you would love to debate and be happy to agree with. Intellectually she is a knife fighter with an instinct for the jugular who does not suffer fools gladly.This is a woman of depth and surprises. She is genuine, an original, a gifted teacher, a true Sifu.” Phillip Swatek, B.A. Yale University, National Merit Scholar, grantee State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, graduate of the Shakespeare Studio, N.Y.C., former lifeguard for the City and County of Honolulu, fifty years of surfing, martial arts student and teacher since 1965

 Open to Life Yoga is the art and science of embracing all our senses to attune to spirit. We learn to listen and feel the music of our soul, moving our bodies, minds and hearts, guiding us on this fantastic journey of Life.

Open to Life Yoga is a synthesis of ancient and modern awareness and strengthening methods. We Integrate artistic forms of breathing, meditation, somatic studies, hatha yoga, therapeutic functional movement, moral imagination, emotional intelligence, dance,sports/athletics, nutrition, literature, and music to create a daily practice that will offer you the tools you need to Live fully, Love Deeply and Play Passionately.

Practice waking up each morning, letting all your senses come alive slowly, be fresh completely new in this moment, observe your breath as if it is the very first breath you have taken, get curious and enjoy  your own amazing embodiment. When we allow ourselves the freedom to feel and reclaim the full beauty of our senses, we began to meta-morph into our very own vision of beauty. We learn how to change, to grow, to embrace an unencumbered imagination of life’s fullest potential.  Breath to breath, we begin to Love Life, as we anchor ourselves in a understanding and acceptance of its temporal nature. Learning to experience sustainable love in our day to day lives is the Path of Open to Life Yoga. Breath to breath, slowly, slowly, one small step at a time we all may choose to open, to surrender, to receive the gift of Life.

Open to Life Yoga is an invitation to wake up each day with beginners mind, while honoring the past, enjoying the present and being responsible for the future.  All are WELCOME, ALOHA!

“Come again, please, come again,
Whoever you are.
Religious, infidel, heretic or pagan.
Even if you promised a hundred times
And a hundred times you broke your promise,
This door is not the door Of hopelessness and frustration.
This door is open for everybody.
Come, come as you are.” – Rumi