Skeeter  has been a Student of Yoga for more than 30 Years.

She has lived in Hawaii for the last 20 years. Over that time people have traveled from all over the world to study with her. Internationally, Skeeter teaches Yoga Immersions, Teacher Trainings, Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement within Yoga, therapeutic trainings, retreats and workshops, in addition to, offering daily classes, private yoga sessions, and private hands-on Feldenkrais Therapy. She has taught in Europe, Africa, Canada, Japan, Australia, Hawaii and on the Mainland U.S.A.

Skeeter’s  own yoga practice and her resulting teaching methodologies are uniquely her own. Both are deeply influenced by her time spent in the ocean, by the many years of in-depth work with people with developmental disorders, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries and by the teachings of John Friend, the founder of Anusara Yoga and with Dr, Moshe Feldenkrais. Dr. Feldenkrais said, “I will be your greatest teacher, not because I am so good, but because I will teach you how to learn.” It is this teaching that continues to inspire Skeeter to become her own best teacher. She is dedicated to helping her students recognize the “guru” inside us all by co-creating, with each student, the environment and the opportunity to become his or her own best teacher.

Skeeter is an ocean enthusiast and an avid skier who was formerly a member of the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team. She is currently writing a book detailing her method of teaching.

“Skeeter is an incredibly skilled teacher. She is adept at making her students feel welcome and bringing the yoga to them at whatever level they are. She has an amazing understanding of therapeutics and how to help individuals make the most of their practice. She has the unique gift of making the yoga real, embodying the spiritual and physical aspects of the practice, motivating you to reach your highest. She is a talented, encouraging and soulful mentor.” Diana Anjali Halford, Yoga Teacher 25 year practitoner, Oahu Hawaii