“Throughout our lives, we study to learn and we learn so that we may grow.
Yoga is no different. We study yoga to learn the philosophies, to learn to
breathe and to learn the poses. As is the case with every subject, the
best yoga teachers inspire us to want to learn to the utmost of our
abilities; the rest cause us to fall short, sometimes unacceptably short.
Regardless of the subject, a great teacher must have mastery of the
subject matter and must also be able communicate with the student in a
manner that resonates completely with that student. Skeeter has studied
many styles and many philosophies in depth for many years and she has
developed a style of communication and teaching that is seamless and
organic. In yoga, directions from the teacher must be understood in
nuanced detail in order to unlock the beauty of the poses. I have been
studying/learning yoga for almost 20 years and in that time have studied
many styles in many places with many teachers. Some teachers were poor,
most were satisfactory, a few were great, and one or two stand alone.
Simply stated, Skeeter Tichnor is the best yoga instructor that I have
ever had the pleasure to study with. Regardless of whether you are a
beginner or have an advanced practice, she will inspire you to be the very
best that you can be and she will give you the tools necessary to do it.
Like most things in life, there is a right way to do things and the other
ways. In yoga, the right way is quite specific and most instructors are
either unable to comprehend it or are unable to communicate it. Skeeter
not only knows the right way to get into a pose and hold that pose, she
knows how to communicate it to each student in her class, regardless of
ability. Studying with Skeeter will dramatically improve your yoga
practice and in the process it will profoundly change your life. I come to
Maui for two months every year for the sole purpose of taking her classes.”  

Andy Astrachan
Onyx Partners, Inc

I feel honored to write a testimonial for Skeeter. I also feel that words fail to adequately convey the love, learning, and life changing experiences I have received from her, nonetheless, I will try.  Skeeter’s ability to share the intricacies of Yoga with the utmost purity and clarity is a profound gift. With her mentorship, she brings aspiring teachers to their highest while providing encouragement and loving guidance. With her insight and eloquence, she makes regular classes an epic journey deep into the heart space. Skeeter is a dedicated student, an innovative teacher, and a giving soul. We are so fortunate to have a teacher of this caliber on Maui. She is a pearl, a treasure, in the middle of the vast ocean.”   Alison Smith alibsmith@yahoo.com


“Skeeter,  I feel so grateful to have taken your yoga immersion/Teacher Training.  Although I have learned so much from your class already, that I use in my daily practice on and off the mat in my daily life,  even more of what I have learned will take months or longer to fully assimilate.  The information is so rich and useful and your dedication, patience and excellence in teaching,  is conveyed with every class. I would highly recommend this immersion experience to anyone looking to transform their yoga experience or really their entire life!  A heartfelt thanks,”  Kathleen Powsang

The Yoga Immersion offered by Skeeter Tichnor at Lumeria Maui is an amazing experience!! 

I was fortunate enough to be able to take a break from work and participate in the first week in June. Probably the best spent week of my life.. I came away from the experience feeling alive and centered in a way I hadn’t felt for a very long time!
What a wonderful gift….The sense of renewal and peace I have been gifted with thru participation in the week with Skeeter is really beyond words. Freedom sums it up nicely.
I have been able to return to work with renewed appreciation for my place in the grand scheme of things and the enthusiasm to share the healing light and love of this practice with others as it has been shared with me.”
– Anne Lang, Councilor

“It was a great privilege having Skeeter as my yoga teacher for the past 5 months in Maui. There is something very special about Skeeter’s energy.  In virtually every class I took with her, at the beginning of the class, when she talks philosophy for about 5 minutes, something extraordinary happened to me:  within seconds of her starting to speak I was able to enter into an altered state of consciousness,  a meditation state.  It was not so much the words she uttered but rather the energy of her presence.  To be sure the words she uttered were very good, and I am going home inspired with her various messages. The environment she creates in her classes is peaceful, light, joyful and a celebration. The tempo of her classes is unhurried.  There is no feeling that she is trying to pack too much into the class.  There is no sense of pressure.  It is a relaxed environment within which it is easy to feel comfortable and safe.  At the same time the aura of her classes is charged with energy. Skeeter is more of a teacher than a provider of a good workout, though her classes are also a good workout.  She has the magic touch of knowing how much to teach, not too much, not too little.  It is easier to absorb her teachings because there is “air”, enough space within which to grow and assimilate the teachings. It is obvious that her depth of knowledge is impressive indeed. She is very sensitive and supports with great skill her students.  She knows how to bring them close to their edge but never over the edge.  Her lightness, sense of humour, her attitude that nothing is a big problem, makes for wonderful classes.  Throughout the past 5 months I made an effort of attending as many of her classes as I could because I felt that they represented  a very special opportunity.  I go home feeling I have learned a lot, not only about the physical aspects of yoga, but even more importantly, about the spiritual aspects of yoga. I am grateful for the many blessings she bestowed on me.” Mauricio Kuperman


“I met Skeeter in the fall of 2006 when I had returned to Maui with my son who had suffered an anoxic brain injury. I was  immediately struck by her serious approach when working with my son.  She exhibited exemplary fearlessness and confidence in her training. Skeeter brought her unique talents to an extremely difficult situation when we had found no one else who was willing to meet that challenge.  My son has benefited enormously not only from her expertise in the field of Feldenkrais but from the loving and compassionate person that she embodies. There is no price that I could put on the level of skill and wisdom that Skeeter exhibits when working with my son; she is invaluable to us and we will forever be grateful that she is in our lives. ” Elinor Meadows

“Skeeter is the most gifted teacher Ive come into contact with…” Rick O Connell Educating Hands School of Massage

“Our plans for yoga retreat with John Friend were not thwarted when the retreat was canceled.
We brought back so much nectar and Aloha to the high desert and our students are filling up with it in every class. The class you shared with us was on the spirit of Aloha and releasing faith to enjoy true faith, Shraddha.
Just this morning I taught the totally awesome squat-assist to standing split………squat to fly, release expectation to experience freedom, or Aloha to live LOVE! Our students love it and your teachings are changing lives in the mountains and sagebrush. Thank you Skeeter.” Suki Dalury Shree Yoga Taos, NM

“Meeting Skeeter after a serious kitesurfing accident gave me a totally different look at my body. Next to her my body feels alive, every muscle is vivid and full of appreciation. Knowledge I have from my medical background combined with Skeeters fascinating way of seeing humans, movement and interacting gave me a new look at seeing not only the medical world – at seeing the world. Thank you Skeeter.”
Dr. Anne Pieper, Orthopedic Surgeon, Germany

“As a yoga instructor, Skeeter combines an incredible eye for alignment with profound compassion for her students. Her words will bring you into a deep place of physical integration all the while guiding you sweetly to your heart. I feel incredibly safe and yet adequately challenged under Skeeter’s guidance. She has that rare combination of loving awareness and inspiring energy that encourages you to do your best practice, expanding your boundaries with ease and grace. After studying with Skeeter regularly for 5 years, I still come away from each class with a new awareness and a deeper experience of myself and my relationships with others and the world.” Chrissy Kapoor, Anusara Inspired Yoga Teacher, Zen Shiatsu practitioner.


“Skeeter is yoga. She lives her practice everyday, and in all things she  encounters, it is a pleasure to watch her engage with her students, her insight  and intelligence is remarkable.” Tom Sewell, Artist, www.tomsewell.com, 808 572 3554

“Skeeter is an incredibly skilled teacher. She is adept at making her students feel welcome and bringing the yoga to them at whatever level they are. She has an amazing understanding of therapeutics and how to help individuals make the most of their practice. She has the unique gift
of making the yoga real, embodying the spiritual and physical aspects of the practice, motivating you to reach your highest. She is a talented, encouraging and soulful mentor.” Diana Anjali Halford, Yoga Teacher 25 year practitoner, Oahu Hawaii

“Teacher’s hope for and dream of students like Skeeter.  Curious, intelligent, studious, disciplined, self-motivating, and creative to name but a few of her attributes.   She has gone beyond my abilities as a practitioner and indeed it is an honor to recommend her to anyone interested in any facet of either yoga or the Feldenkrais Method.”
 Jerry Karzen, Feldenkrais Trainer

“Skeeter has been a Godsend to our family. My son Andrew is 17. He was born with Cerebral Palsy, and though not verbal or ambulatory in “regular ways”, he is a shining light, very loving, present and aware.  Skeeter sees that light in him.  She has reached in and touched this very special young man, and connected with him in a way that has much depth. Andrew puts forth an exceptional and uncommon effort when she works with him.  I feel he looks forward to the lessons with Skeeter (which is a huge thing!)  Skeeter’s work with Andrew has opened doors for him to many possibilities, like nothing else has. Skeeter’s heart, knowledge and skill comes through in her work with Andrew.”Paula Richard, Andrews Mother

“Skeeter’s Teaching  and hands on work is Transformative. She is a gifted, wise woman who holds the highest intention and embodiment of the mind, body and spirit. Skeeter brought divine magic into my being and facilitated my healing from the trauma of Stage 4 Cancer surgery and radiation.  Her energy field transmits a calmness while holding a vision of the most expansive. She  Draws the potential of your own light into being and integrates this with unseen realities. I do not understand how it works, but it really does. I can move in ways I haven’t in years. Skeeter is a brilliant Feldenkrais practitioner and Yoga Teacher, she  opened my head, neck, and  back restrictions to full movement and function from 100% disability. Skeeter’s sensitivity to understand my challenges and offer me real choices for change,elevates my spirit and helps me see and experience the Divine in all of Life.” Ease Oldham, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Business Owner

“Skeeter is an enigmatic mystagogue, a scholar, a white sorceress, and an embodiment of her teachings. Skeeter is at all times in command of her material. Deeply knowledgeable and keenly intelligent, she imparts her teachings with a fluency that is never forced and always animated by a lively sense of humor. Erudite, articulate, and poised, she is neither pedant nor pedagogue, but rather engages her students with an obvious commitment to her practice. She creates a learning environment that is warm and supportive as she encourages students at every level to achieve their full potential. On a personal note I will add that Skeeter is intrepid in the ocean and one of the few people that I trust in the water. She is also an accomplished poet. You could happily study with this woman for a lifetime. She is both Muse and poet. Skeeter is a person that you would love to debate and be happy to agree with. Intellectually she is a knife fighter with an instinct for the jugular who does not suffer fools gladly.This is a woman of depth and surprises. She is genuine, an original, a gifted teacher, a true Sifu.” Phillip Swatek, B.A. Yale University, National Merit Scholar, grantee State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, graduate of the Shakespeare Studio, N.Y.C., former lifeguard for the City and County of Honolulu, fifty years of surfing, martial arts student and teacher since 1965


“Skeeter has integrated the subtle, microscopic movements of Feldenkrais with the inspirational macroscopic movements of yoga to create an entirely new mind/body alignment practice for the 21st century.”   Gary Greenberg PHD, artist/inventor with 18 Patents, www.sandgrains.com


One Haiku morning, I was in DownDog, and this  thought dropped in:  My hand position will save my life.  Seemed a little extreme at the time…but has subsequently worked out to be more or less true.  Hand position is a part of ‘Artful Living’…a craft by  which we live richer lives, suffer less, and tend to bless what lives around us more.  Learning hand position can seem repetitive, boring, and irksome…but therein is a microcosm of our lives.  It’s been good to learn Hand Position from a teacher that both knows about correct hand placement and cares where you place your hands.” Dr. Sean Crickmere, MD, CCFP(EM)….Professional Ski Patroller, Blackcomb Mtn, Whistler, BC

I first met Skeeter while vacationing in Whistler, BC. I had the great fortune of taking yoga lessons with her. I had never taken any yoga before nor opened myself up to the idea of balance that the practice offers. Skeeter walked me through an introduction to yoga with patience and compassion; focusing most heavily on my foundation, breath and alignment. Opening oneself up to yoga is a scary thing but Skeeter’s encouragement helped me become vulnerable and in turn stronger. She is a master at what she does and truly cares about each and every life she touches! She is a great inspiration and has had a significant impact on my fitness, health and overall state of well-being. Skeeter’s kind words and skilled approach has made me a believer in the power of yoga –I look forward to connecting with my mat each and every chance that I get! Gillian Bland (law student living in Manhattan, New York).

“As a yoga instructor, Skeeter Tichnor is a “natural”. I have practiced yoga for 42 years and have never found a teacher more capable and skilled than she is. Skeeter’s classes are enjoyable as well as transformational. How great for me to experience profound learning and progress–while having a very good time doing so. At age 65, my yoga practice is, thanks to Skeeter’s mentoring, the best it’s ever been–and improving all the time. This is a woman of miracles, who facilitates the transformational “magic” in a grounded and modest way. It is a joy to be in her classes, and in her presence. Skeeter’s way of being open to life inspires her students to awaken to life’s possibilities. Her heartfelt, skillful teaching is an invitation to fully live.”  Dr. Barry Sultanoff

“I have experienced many practitioners during many years as a devoted student of body work. In fact, Moshe Feldenkrais was my first experience in Israel. I consider Skeeter to be among the most gifted of my teachers.  The depths of her intuitive and intellectual understanding of the body is skillfully translated into a rich experience for her students.” 
Natasha Mann, Gestalt Therapist trained by founder, Fritz Perls.

“Skeeter is my favorite yoga teacher. I  am a health and fitness professional who published a book, had a TV show, competed and won various fitness competitions and have worked with hundreds of clients. The best teacher is the best student.   I need to have a teacher who I can grow and evolve with and it really wasn’t easy to find one until I met Skeeter. She brings me to the beginner’s mind, through her poetic depth, humor, light heartedness, profound knowledge, grace and sincere love.
Every time I do yoga with her, my heart  lightens and opens deeper, wider  and I feel more connection with grace.
Her devotion to the artistry of yoga, teaching and life touches my heart and inspires me to go deeper into my passions of life.
I feel soooo~ grateful to study the ancient teaching of yoga with Skeeter who embodies a mystical spirit.
I love her!” Tess Yong Kim

“I can’t believe I have been on this earth for over 50 years and am just learning how to walk! Thank you Skeeter!”  Cathleen Nardi

“I have been appreciating Skeeter for her amazing knowledge of  Yoga.  She has truly grasped some of the fine details of Anusara and can communicate it to others, with heart and inspiration.  She has a tremendous knowledge of the physical body and really knows how to make adjustments and answer detailed questions. She is a Master at being a dedicated student, practitioner and Teacher. She is truly gifted. Skeeter is the real thing.”
Anna Cantor, Anusara Inspired Teacher, and Licensed Massage Therapist.