Testimonials & Praise

“I so enjoyed your instruction and saw immediate changes in my body and mind.

I feel honored to write a testimonial for Skeeter. I also feel that words fail to adequately convey the love, learning, and life changing experiences I have received from her, nonetheless, I will try. Skeeter’s ability to share the intricacies of Yoga with the utmost purity and clarity is a profound gift. With her mentorship, she brings aspiring teachers to their highest while providing encouragement and loving guidance. With her insight and eloquence, she makes regular classes an epic journey deep into the heart space. Skeeter is a dedicated student, an innovative teacher, and a giving soul.

We are so fortunate to have a teacher of this caliber on Maui. She is a pearl, a treasure, in the middle of the vast ocean.”[/blockquote][blockquote type=”left” cite=”Linda Stobart”]“I had the honor to study Open to Life Yoga, with Skeeter Tichnor in the summer of 2014. For me, going deeper into the form and wisdom of yoga with Skeeter was a perfect fit as I have held her teaching in high esteem for a number of years. Skeeter has made me curious for more and in every lesson I found more inner fire, more freedom to go deeper and more spiritual liberation.

I would recommend her training because she exemplifies enthusiasm and commitment; she was there every step of the way with the compassion and encouragement of a true teacher.

Her insight into scripture was exceedingly interesting, and taught uniquely from her deeply spiritual knowledge.

This course balances asana practice with the profound ancient teachings, all set in a back drop of glorious Maui, a veritable paradise on Earth. I learned so much and even more more about myself and I would do it all again in a heart beat.

Thank you, Skeeter.

”Throughout our lives, we study to learn and we learn so that we may grow. Yoga is no different. We study yoga to learn the philosophies, to learn to breathe and to learn the poses. As is the case with every subject, the best yoga teachers inspire us to want to learn to the utmost of our abilities; the rest cause us to fall short, sometimes unacceptably short. Regardless of the subject, a great teacher must have mastery of the subject matter and must also be able communicate with the student in a manner that resonates completely with that student. Skeeter has studied many styles and many philosophies in depth for many years and she has developed a style of communication and teaching that is seamless and organic. In yoga, directions from the teacher must be understood in nuanced detail in order to unlock the beauty of the poses. I have been studying/learning yoga for almost 20 years and in that time have studied many styles in many places with many teachers. Some teachers were poor, most were satisfactory, a few were great, and one or two stand alone. Simply stated, Skeeter Tichnor is the best yoga instructor that I have ever had the pleasure to study with. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or have an advanced practice, she will inspire you to be the very best that you can be and she will give you the tools necessary to do it. Like most things in life, there is a right way to do things and the other ways. In yoga, the right way is quite specific and most instructors are either unable to comprehend it or are unable to communicate it. Skeeter not only knows the right way to get into a pose and hold that pose, she knows how to communicate it to each student in her class, regardless of ability. Studying with Skeeter will dramatically improve your yoga practice and in the process it will profoundly change your life. I come to Maui for two months every year for the sole purpose of taking her classes.”