Is the cup half empty or half full?  Each day begins with a feeling of what the day holds. Ardha Chandrasna the half moon pose, is a beautiful balance between the light and the dark, the individual and the universal, the front body and the back body, and how we express through our physical body and actions our relationships with the cycles of nature.

Yoga Asana can help us feel our own life force pulsing within and guide us to connect with the healing rhythms of nature.  As a Yoga teacher, I  offer my experience of how to feel through the physical body into the spirit body or inner light. In this photo you see my student Cathleen connecting with this sensation in Ardha Chandrasana.

Half moon pose strikes the balance point in the middle.  It is fun to play with the sensations of the body grounding, strengthening and opening into its optimal function. With the physical  body tuned into the pulse of nature, yoga transformation begins.  Students  often experience a sensation of letting go of emotions and expericences that are no longer serving their evolution. You can see this happening in the physical body. As a teacher I treasure these moments.